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  • wholesale halloween costumes Justice League of Their Own While Dottie is a fictional character, the Rockford Peaches and the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL) were real.Kit Aquawoman KellerDotties younger sister, Kit Keller, is played by Lori Petty in the film. She pitches for the Peaches and later the Racine Belles, and has a somewhat antagonistic relationship with her sister. In the Justice League of Their Own, Kit becomes Aquawoman, a superhero whose aquatic upbringing tends to set her apart from the rest of the team.Mae Flash MordabitoMadonna plays "All the Way" Mae Mordabito, a center fielder and a wild go-getter. Maes real-world inspiration, Faye Dancer, would often perform backflips and cartwheels on the field. This impulsiveness, exuberance, and speed mean that Mae was made to be The Flash!Doris Batwoman MurphyRosie O'Donnells Doris Murphy is a former bouncer and a little rough around the edges. While her jokes and sarcasm are often directed at the rest of the Peaches, Doris always stands up for her team when shes needed. We felt that being fearless and quick-witted would make Doris a great Batwoman.Mamie Cyborg JohnsonMamie "Peanut" Johnson played for the Indianapolis Clowns as a starting pitcher, where she pitched against men. She attempted to try out for the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League but was denied because of her race. We included Peanut here because she is said to have inspired the stray ball scene in the film.A Justice League of Their Own Team PosterHeres a group shot of A Justice League of Their Own: Dottie Hinson as Wonder Woman, Mamie Johnson as Cyborg, Doris Murphy as Batwoman, Kit Keller as Aquawoman, and Mae Mordabito as Flash (from left to right). We modeled the poster after the official Justice League poster:What did you think? Would the Justice League of Their Own have won against Steppenwolf and the Parademons? Give us your predicted score in the comments below. And if youre looking for Justice League or A League of Their Own costumes, you can bet weve got your bases covered.Design Credit: Kate Willaert

    The 25th anniversary of A League of their Own wholesale christmas costumes is coming up and we wanted to do something to celebrate. Its a funny and positive story, after all, plus were suckers for a good sports movie. So we got this idea to combine A League of Their Own with the DC Comics team Justice League, because were also a fan of mashups and puns. (But dont you dare call them mashupuns, because thats going too far.) Anyway, if you combine those two you get A Justice League of Their Own, which is pretty obvious if youve already read the title of this series of original poster art. This time, though, it wont be the Justice League versus the Legion of Doom like in that episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Instead, theyll be facing off against the Parademons and their ringer, Steppenwolf. Of course, the Justice League of Their Own has to win, because theres no crying in baseball. Hey, enough of the jokes, lets get in to the posters!Click Images to EnlargeDottie Wonder Woman HinsonIn A League of Their Own, Geena Davis plays Dorothy Dottie Hinson, the assistant manager and catcher of the Rockford Peaches. Shes an inspiring character and the glue that holds the team together, which makes her the perfect alter-ego for Wonder Woman.