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  • Ease wholesale halloween costumes Cramps With These Leakproof Undies That Have A Pocket For A Heating Pad


    Some days your babydoll chemise cramps can make you feel like you can't even get out of bed. When that happens, try wearing a pair of these pretty leakproof panties with a front pocket that's big enough to hold a small heating pad, which can help to reduce the pain caused by cramps during your period. Because they're leakproof, they provide great backup to a tampon.

    These Lace Hipsters That Keep Stains At Bay

    Finding lace undies that you can actually wear during your period is no easy task. The open weave of most pairs makes it almost unavoidable that you'll wind up with a leak.

    But these lace menstrual panties feature special leakproof protection, so you can wear cute undies with tampons and not have to worry about staining your clothes. On lighter days, these can even be worn alone.