Four: Mora was replaced and refused to shake hands with Zidane

  • In Real Madrid and Sevi in ​​the (click Rocket League Items)  game, Mora tower in the first 61 minutes of the game was Lucas - Vazquez replaced, the Spanish sports four exposed a discordant picture, Mora was replaced after the very angry , Zidane stretched out his hand to pay tribute to him, but Mora did not respond to Zizu.

    Real Madrid repurchase Morata had promised him to become an important player in the team, but under the command of Zidane, Mora tower did not compete with Benzema (Mora La played 1854 minutes; Benzema played 2999 minutes) But he scored 20 goals and scored 6 assists in 41 games. Against Sevilla may be the last time in Mora Tula in Real Madrid jersey, Mora's agent is looking for him to become the absolute main force of the team.

    Conti coached Chelsea last summer had wanted to sign Mora Tata, now Diego - Costa may join Super, so the Blues is currently won the popular team of Mora Tata, but according to the Serb Radio El Larguero program reported, Mourinho is also interested in Mora Tata to Old Trafford, Manchester United in the battle of Moratta in the "pole position." According to the Colombian media RCN reports, J Luo has reached an agreement with Manchester United, so they both may be in this summer to Manchester United.