Half of the battlefield: Wall 3 +6 small Thomas 10 points

  • NBA playoff Eastern Conference (how to get https://www.lolga.com/ you can come to lolga)  semifinals, Washington Wizards home first half to 41-42 behind Boston Celtics. Wall 3 points 6 assists, Bill 14 points, little Thomas 10 points.
    After the opening, the Wizards to 9-5 lead, Bill contributed 4 points, small Thomas hit 3 points, and his continuous break inside the cause of the Wizards 4 main foul. However, the Celtics missed 11 times in 11 shots, Gortat dunk score, Wall counterattack score, center Gortat also because of two foul forced to rest. Bogdanovic singles score, Olli Nick cover Wall, Wall assists Ma Simin score, this section he sent five assists. Small Thomas made fouls made two free throws, he contributed a single 7 points to help the Celtics to 17-22 hot pursuit of the Wizards. The first section, the Green Army only 4 shots, creating the first quarter hit a new low number of balls.
    Section II, Bradley got the team in the first 6 points in the 4 points, the difference will be reduced to 3 points. Wizards asked to suspend, but Bradley hit the score 3 points to 26 level. Gortat appeared in the third foul, Bill led the Wizards back a wave of 7-2 small climax, re-establish the lead. Morris finished 2 + 1, Bill layup, the difference will be extended to 10 points. Small Thomas appeared two guilty, but because of the difference is not afraid to end off the rest. Small Thomas hit 3 points, Bradley made two free throws, plus Horford 3 points, the Celtics back a wave of 10-0 small climax. 7 seconds left Bradley air relay dunk, the Celtics to 42-41 overtake.
    Celtic starting: Claude, Thomas, Horford, Bradley, Johnson
    Wizards starting: Bill, Morris, Gortat, Wall, Potter