Exposure Sanchez dissatisfied with the performance of his teamm

  • According to "Mirror" reported  (click FIFA 18 Coins)  that due to dissatisfaction with the performance of his teammates downturn, Arsenal winger Sanchez desire to switch to the new owner this summer.

    Although gunman coach Arsene Wenger recently said he was confident that Sanchez would eventually agree to renew. But in fact, this Chilean star is actively seeking transfer. And his greatest dissatisfaction is that his teammates in the game poor performance. The 28-year-old player believes that Wenger's team is talented, but often can not play in the game strength, which makes his frustration growing.

    Arsenal players and the actual performance of the huge differences so that Sanchez confused, the winger that the reason is that these teammates lack of ambition and desire to win. He was so worried that it would be difficult to keep his ambitions in the gunmen.

    In the last round of league 0-2 loss to Tottenham, Arsenal from the league fourth difference of 6 points, and their league only 5 games. This may be the first time that the gunmen have missed the Champions League since 1997, and the defeat of the North London Derby is also the 8th defeat in Arsenal in the last 16 games.

    Sanchez in the game and training are clearly showing their frustration, especially this season, he was often angry, and expressed dissatisfaction with his teammates. Chilean and the club's contract only the last year, the gunman for him out of a 250,000 pounds weekly new contract, but the two sides have not signed an agreement.

    It was a good news for chasing his Chelsea, and the striker had hinted that he wanted to stay in London. At the same time, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus and Bayern are interested in Sanchez.