Cork: before the C Luo presence, we are not at home into the Re

  • Atletico Madrid midfielder accepted  (visit LOLGA.INC)  the MEGA interview, for the second leg of the game, Cork two years ago at home 4-0 victory over Real Madrid for the team.

    "Today is very difficult for us, to come here to support our fans, even more so, to apologize to them.We have nothing, the state is not good, but then there is a game at home, Everyone is full of fighting spirit and dream, next Wednesday we have to go all out.

    And for the possibility of reversal, Cork said:

    "Football is like this, we now have to do is to do their own, in the next Wednesday kicked their own level, adhere to our dreams, go all out on the pitch.

    "Mr. Simone said to us in the locker room, 'if anyone does not want to play Wednesday's game, who is afraid, and now can say it, no problem'."

    As for the opponent 's performance, Cork commented: "Real Madrid is a strong opponent, the opponent has always wanted to suppress us in the half, but Atletico did not give up.

    "I do not like to discuss the referee problem, for the referee's view, I have a few, will not say it." I did not see the first goal, so I do not know the more offside.

    And when asked if he was worried about the second round of C Luo continue to break out, Cork said: "Do not at all, football is like this. Do not forget, before the Calderon, we have not been in the presence of C Luo hit the case Into the four ball.

    "Before the Champions League, every time Real Madrid win, this time, next Wednesday we have the opportunity to reverse this situation."

    "We can not give up, today's defeat is a heavy blow, but must believe that the possibility of reversal must be looked ahead. For those at the Bernabeu of the Atletico fans, in order to support our fans at home for everyone."

    And for the team's morale, Cork said:
    "We want to show a good look on the court, so why do not you believe that reversal? No matter what, football is so wonderful."

    "Now you have to cheer up, every time Atletico encounter setbacks will cheer up, this time is no exception."