Lillard is still losing history

  • 2016-17 season NBA into (visit LOLGA.INC)  the playoffs of the competition, in today's game, also gave birth to a lot of new records.
    The following is the details:
    1. Raptors will score a new high
    Raptors home 118-93 beat the Bucks, Raptors Norman - Powell had a 25-point campaign to refresh his playoff career single-game scoring record. Previously, Powell had only got up to 13 points.
    2. Ibaka Cap Mystery
    Raptors players Saierji - Ibaka played 25 minutes, 10 shots 8, get 19 points and 3 assists and 6 rebounds 1 steal and 3 blocked shots. After the campaign, the Ibaka playoff career block number reached 234 times, more than the eagle player Dwight - Howard 233 times, rose to 12th in history.
    3. Letter brother 30 points high
    Bucks side, Yannis - Adro Quinbo played 41 minutes, 19 shots in 12, get 30 points and nine rebounds and three assists and three steals and three blocks. The data show that 30 points to create a new record for the single-game scoring of individual characters in the playoffs. Previously, the word brother single field got a maximum of 28 points.
    In addition, the letter brother is also the Bucks history of nearly 29 years in the playoffs at least 30 points and nine rebounds players.
    4. Gortat rebounds are high
    Wizards 101-111 lost to the eagle, Wizards center Marche - Gortat played 35 minutes, grabbed 18 rebounds, refresh the individual playoff career single game rebounds record. Previously, Gortat playoff single game up to grab 16 rebounds.
    5. Curry three-point milestone
    Warriors away 128-103 win over the Trail Blazers, Warriors Stephen - Curry played 30 minutes, 20 shots in 12, got 37 points and eight assists and seven rebounds. After the campaign, Curry playoff career score of 1607 points, more than Tai Shawn - Prince of 1602 points, rose to the history of 87th.
    In addition, the campaign, Curry three-pointers 11 vote 7, plus the seven three points, Curry playoff career hit three points to 261, tied the former NBA star Robert - Horry, rose to history 9th place.
    6. Warriors single 45 minutes of history
    The field ball, the first section of the Warriors scored 45 points, creating a team history of the first quarter of the new record score, but also tied the NBA history playoff first season score record.
    In addition, the Warriors first three-pointers 9-for-8, tied the team history of the playoffs single three-point shooting record, and a single 28 points difference also tied the first section of the league this season, the largest Points difference record.
    7. Lillard series are divided into team history
    Trail Blazers side, headed (how to get you can come to lolga)  star Damian - Lillard 4 field series are 27.8 points, the data show that this is the Trail Blazers history of the past 31 years, the highest score in the playoffs once.