Allegri: Juventus start basically the same

  • Juventus coach Allegri reminded the players to (click FIFA 18 Coins) forget the first leg 3-0 victory over Barcelona, ​​but admitted that the second round of "tactics and mentality will change."

    The first leg crossed the Bianconeri 3-0 at home to beat Barcelona, ​​tomorrow at 2:45, the Champions League quarter-final second round will be kicked in the Nou Camp. In the history of the Champions League a total of 103 teams in the first leg 0-3 lose, only 5 teams can eventually comeback.

    "For Juventus, the perfect match is that we can qualify." Tomorrow we need to keep a clear head and keep alert, attack when we need an attack, and need a defense, "Allegri said at a press conference before the game. Defensive. I do not think that the characteristics of Barcelona will change, we need to be confident, believe in our own ability. In the past I have different characteristics of the midfield player, and now I have such a wagon and so on, The coach 's job is to take full advantage of the features of his players, and tomorrow is an important step in the final stages of the season.

    Enrique said in a press conference before the game, Barcelona tomorrow need to scored 5,6 goals to eliminate Juventus. "I know that Barcelona is very respect for us, but this type of game requires less thought and more action, we must be done at both ends of the offensive and defensive, like every game, of course, Barcelona has three very Dangerous striker, so we need to be more cautious than ever. "

    Some people worry about the health of the striker Dibala, he was on Saturday away 2-0 victory over Pescara in an ankle injury was replaced, and Tuesday morning midfielder Marquistio did not participate in the team's complete training. "Fortunately, Dibala is very good, everyone is so. As for the formations, I think that compared to the first leg change is not, or there will be no change, but from the tactical level and attitude, I may Will make some changes in this team has been significantly improved in confidence, tomorrow we absolutely can not consider the first leg of the 3 ball lead, but focus on winning the game.

    Many of the Bianconeri players have not played in the Nou Camp, and Barcelona in the Champions League 16 strong bout had 6-1 victory over Paris Saint-Germain comeback success, how would they deal with such a game atmosphere? "We need to leave the first leg of the game behind, as tomorrow's game will be a one-time duel, must be smart, because we need to calm the mind to read the game appear in the situation.It is important that we want to participate in a The game was 95 minutes off the game, the technically good guy, the guys knew how to do it, it was very simple - they needed to do well on offense and defense.

    Juventus last season in the Italian Cup semi-final first leg 3-0 win over Inter Milan, but in the guest Mei Acha stadium in the second leg of the game lost 0-3, and ultimately through the penalty shootout promotion, Allegri Will the team be reminded of that night? "In Naples we have a great deal of risk, not just against Inter ... This proves that football is unpredictable and we have 95 minutes to win a semifinals. It is important to remember that the game does not The end of the qualifying is still pending, rather than 20 minutes or half after the qualifying to get out. Paris Saint-Germain that the game is over, but not.We are in the Italian Cup semi-final against Naples also had this idea, also almost Lost the final right. "

    Then uncle stressed that tomorrow's game is not the final final exam, but only to the Cardiff final piece of a stepping stone. "This is not the final test, but part of the growth process. Juventus must always be in the top eight in Europe, which must be our standard.I think Juventus has made progress in the technical level, but the most It is important to grow in mind and self - confidence.

    "Now we have an important opportunity to qualify for the semi-finals, but it's just a stepping stone to Cardiff, and it's not the winner of the Champions League that we have won tomorrow, it's a stepping stone to Cardiff, We need to step by step.To win the trophy is not easy, it will be extraordinary achievements, especially the Champions League such events, the game is not much, lost a ball may not have time to recover your lost.

    Came to Juventus almost three seasons, and Allegri now feel Juventus fans really accept themselves? "It's natural, after three years here, the relationship between me and the fans is solid, it makes me feel very happy, but the team is the game to win the game, I just as a coach to do my best to reduce damage ! "

    "What I want to say is that the advantage of a great team is that it can not be too excited to focus on and be prepared to deal with any unpredictable events that are not going to happen to be anything to shake yourself.We must remember that every time When the ball is on the foot, we can score in the game against Barcelona, ​​and it is important to keep calm and keep focusing and compact in the difficult moments of the game, which will bring us to the semifinals.