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    MG: Machine gun: generic term for any fully automatic weapon firing rounds of normal infantry bullet calibre, ie .303" (British), 7.92mm (German), 7.62mm(Russian) HMG: Heavy machine gun: generic term for a fully automatic weapon firing rounds of larger calibre, ie 0.5" (British/American), 12.7mm (Russian) Prime Mover: generic term for the vehicle which tows a field artillery piece, anti aircraft or anti tank gun. Generally a soft skinned lorry or half track, although by 1944 45, a massive items of ordnance such as the British 17 pounder, which weighed three tons, was towed by a modified (turretless) tank, which carried its ammo reserves and provided living accomodation for its crew.

    Prejudices form. Bombs drop. But a similar lack of people power is plaguing the ambitious but underdeveloped secondary cities of Ontario, and in Atlantic Canada a third of the population will be over 65 in less than two decades. The Conference Board of Canada estimates that over the next 10 years, there will be a million jobs going wanting across the country.

    Therefore it is needful for thee in thy own person to watch thy food and thy provisions. And lest he should overcome thee with sleep, be there a cauldron of cold water by thy side, and when thou art oppressed with sleep, plunge into the cauldron.". So why don't I get rid of it, gas sucking, road hogging blight on the environment that it is? One reason is the supreme state of exaltation called the luxury highway drive that only such a car can offer. Hector me for my irresponsibility and environmental obtuseness, and I will invite you to get in and take a ride..

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    A software developer, only identified as Bob, paid a Chinese firm $50,000 a year to do his job for him. Eventually his luck run out, the company discovered Bob's outsourcing scheme, and he was subsequently fired. No one in Connecticut has forgotten Sept. 11.

    You learn that these are biological orbital strike weapons that fire randomly if not commanded. After taking down the terrorists' main financier on Alderaan with the help of Vector Hyllus, you rush back to , where spies have sighted the Eagle. Imports to 8 million barrels per day at the end of 2011, from 13 million barrels per day in mid 2007. Demand dropped to 45 per cent last year, from 60 per cent in 2005.

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