All of these are being fut Coins

  • If you want to fut Coins be better at the game you need to learn the secret skills in FIFA 17. These aren’t really secrets anymore but need special mention as most not told in manual or on FIFA 17 and the more people we gave training to the more we realised lots were unaware of them.

    All of these are being added as videos in order to the right. Two at a time so the 1st video has First time flick and Rolling drag back fake and so on. Explanantions in the arena and then examples during online games on UT tournaments.

    First time flick. The first time flick is extremely useful especially when a defending player is closing down. Any player can do it like useless pro club nobbas (term for inept driver player). Stood still as being the ball is approaching have left trigger (L1 as well as LT) and press suitable bumper (R1 or RB) just before ball arrives.