Revelation Online Aurums Account fifth and the sixth place

  • Revelation Online Aurums The open beta test for the MMORPG Revelation Online is now live for anyone who would like to jump in.

    As it approaches its final release date Revelation Online opens the floodgates of its open beta test. With founder’s pack holders having started their adventures earlier last week the Asian MMORPG is now accessible to anyone who would like to explore the vast world of Nuanor.

    Using the client the download has about 15 GB but the game requires at least 30 GB of free HD space to be installed. Before committing to the download and installation double check the system requirements and make sure your computer is up to running Revelation Online:

    Minimum system requirements: Windows XP SP3 Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz 2 GB of RAM NVIDIA GeForce GT610 or Intel HD 4000 30 GB of free HD space and broadband connection with 128kb/s or more bandwidth.

    Contests are always fun and getting awesome rewards from these contests is even more fun and that’s why you should participate in Revelation Online’s Guild Propaganda contest. The rules are pretty simple you just have to make your own Propaganda image that promotes your guild. You can make a slogan a logo or even a guild group photo as long as it stays an image so you can’t just send a piece of text or a video.

    The first three places will get ten Noble Swallows (30 days) and ten Astral Greatvoices. The fourth Revelation Online Aurums Account fifth and the sixth place will also get ten Noble Swallows but they get only five Astral Greatvoices. Lastly the last three places get five Astral Greatvoices as a reward. Ten winners are chosen per territory (NA,GB,FR,DE).